7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks, as always, to Jen.

1. I'm testing out the "post via e-mail" feature in Blogger... very impressive feature (once I get it to work)! It will make it easier to post pictures of the baby to my blog when s/he arrives.

2. We're going to a pumpkin patch/fall festival event this weekend. When and where, I don't know. Collin and his brother are organizing this excursion and I just heard about it last night. It should be fun! Elanor is very excited already... she wanted to know why we couldn't go today instead of tomorrow. If only, kiddo, if only.

3. Less than one month until we close on our new house! It simeltaneously seems so close and yet so far away. The inspection is taking place on Thursday, and I'm going to have Collin take a ton of pictures.

4. All is well with Baby 3.0. I felt him/her kicking me from the outside for the first time this morning -- s/he is a feisty one, that's for sure!

5. Collin joined the local Knights of Columbus chapter last week, and we had a KofC rep come over the other night to give us the insurance spiel. I received a pleasant surprise -- a gift of a new rosary, courtesy of the Knights. It's mother-of-pearl and just lovely. (Collin received a rosary when he joined, and the idea is to encourage family prayer.) I was/am very appreciative.

6. I'm having a very frustrating discussion in the Catholic Answers forum with a poster who continuously pulls quotes from papal writings completely out of context and then tries to claim that the Church has "reversed" Her teachings since Vatican II. It's been a struggle to remain charitable. Please pray for me (and him).

7. Collin found EGGNOG at the store last night! Yay! Let eggnog season begin. Soon it will be time for eggnog lattes, eggnog milkshakes, eggnog pie, eggnog ice cream... Mmmmmmm. I can't wait.

Have a great weekend!


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