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Violet's Birth Story

Violet Elizabeth
born 3/5/10 (40w3d)
8lbs 3oz, 20 in.

My due date was 3/2/10, but since my two older kids had both been early (39w0d and 36w3d, respectively) I was expecting to go early with this baby as well. However, looks like the third child was the wild card. My due date came and went, and to my amazement I still hadn't given birth. I was feeling huge, uncomfortable, and very emotional. I'd also been having prodromal labor contractions for weeks, including for nearly 12 hours the previous day.

The nurse at my clinic had previously told me that the doctor wouldn't “let” me go past 41 weeks, so I very much wanted to give birth before then so I didn't have to worry about either doing an induction or having to fight being scheduled for one. Since 37 weeks I'd been taking evening primrose oil capsules, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, walking, sex, and other natural induction methods to try to encourage labor to start. At my 39 week appointment I'd been 2cm and…
We have a new daughter! Violet Elizabeth, born 3/5/10 at 9:46am. She's my biggest baby yet! 8lbs 3oz, 20 in long.

My first contraction was at 7:15am. When we got to the hospital, I was fully dilated. The OB barely made it. But it was all natural, and the staff has been fabulous -- we did delayed clamping, immediate bfing, etc.

We are in love!

It's My Due Date Today

...and I'm still here. Still pregnant. *sigh* I'm huge, uncomfortable, slightly swollen, and very ready to be done -- but baby doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to get here. I guess s/he'll come when s/he's ready, but it's so hard to wait!