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Back to work

I've been back at work for over a week now, and it's going well. 

The kids are going to a new in-home daycare that's only a block from our home, so Collin drops them off every morning. Since I'm able to go directly to and from work without having to detour and drop off kids at daycare, it's shaved 30 minutes (one-way) off of my commute and made it much less stressful.

I have to admit, being at work is somewhat relaxing. The nature of my job allows me to listen to my iPod most of the day, so it's a nice change of pace after riding herd for three kids under six. Still, I miss them.

Violet seems to be doing well with the transition, thank goodness. She's adapted well to bottle-feeding and so far I've been able to pump more than enough for her. Hopefully I can keep it up. I'm able to use an empty office near my desk to pump during my breaks -- very convenient. 

The biggest obstacle so far is finding time to keep up with the housework. Violet wants to nurse …