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A comment on the NY vote

“I apologize for those who feel offended,” Mr. Grisanti said, adding, “I cannot deny a person, a human being, a taxpayer, a worker, the people of my district and across this state, the State of New York, and those people who make this the great state that it is the same rights that I have with my wife.”- New York Times

What you say makes absolutely no sense, Mr. Grisanti, as no one was being denied rights prior to this vote. Every adult in the state of NY had the exact same rights: to marry one, non-related, unencumbered, consenting adult of the opposite sex.

Those are the exact same rights shared by you and your wife. They were not being denied to anyone before.

What you have done with this law is granted special, unnecessary privileges to a certain category of people based on their sexual preference, privileges that could have been granted by law without making a further mockery of the institution of marriage.

Please quit deluding yourself into thinking you're some sort of civ…

Our son: future deacon?

A few nights ago, as we were getting the kids ready for bed, William picked up a rather large, hardbound book of fairy tales and held it high in front of him. "Look, I'm being Jesus!" he said, pacing back and forth.

It took a minute, but we realized he was mimicking the deacon at Mass, when he goes to read the Gospel. After we stopped laughing, we explained that the deacon was not Jesus, but rather he was proclaiming the WORD of Jesus.

Then we beamed in pride. God willing, we have a future deacon -- or priest -- in our midst!

7 Quick Takes Friday - June 24, 2011

Thanks to Hallie for hosting this week while Jen is enjoying her babymoon!

1. I set up an ExpectNet Online Baby Pool for people to guess about Señor/ita Cuatro's sex, weight, birthday, etc.

Feel free to make a guess! Winner gets naming bragging rights. ;)

2. This week has been kind of tough pregnancy-wise. On Monday I was so dizzy I had to call in sick to work. I even went into the doctor, but he diagnosed it as a "weird pregnancy thing" and told me to push fluids, in case it was the heat. (On the up side, we got to hear baby's heartbeat again - nice and strong at 160bpm.)

Tuesday I was okay, but in the evening I became nauseous and the next day I had a headache all day which, as the day progressed, seemed to be developing into a migraine. (Thankfully, I was able to head it off with Tylenol PM and lots of sleep.) Today's been pretty good, and I'm hoping tomorrow will be as well.

3. Another weird thing that happened this week: my paycheck bounced. It turns o…

Happy Father's Day!

We have had a lovely day so far. We went to Mass, then to Collin's favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, then to a movie (we saw Kung Fu Panda 2, which was very good) and now we're at home, about to grill steaks, have some cake, and have Collin open his gifts. I called my dad already, and Collin's currently talking to his.

I'm so grateful for all of the wonderful fathers in my life, especially my spiritual fathers. On this Father's Day, I think it's particularly important that we pray for our priests.

Lord Jesus, we your people pray to You for our priests. You have given them to us for OUR needs. We pray for them in THEIR needs.

We know that You have made them priests in the likeness of your own priesthood. You have consecrated them, set them aside, annointed them, filled them with the Holy Spirit, appointed them to teach, to preach, to minister, to console, to forgive, and to feed us with Your Body and Blood.

Yet we know, too, that they are one with us and sha…

7 Quick Takes Friday - June 17, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Quote of the Day: "I don't want a religion that accepts me for who I am. I know who I am and am unimpressed. I want a religion that calls me to be better than I am even as I resist it." ~ Matt Archbold from Creative Minority Report

2. Hello, second trimester! Some sources say 12 weeks is the beginning of the 2nd trimester, and others say 14, but no matter how you count it, I'm there, baby! (Fourteen weeks today.) The fatigue is a bit better but I'm still getting nausea from time to time -- had to take two Zofran on Tuesday, actually. Ugh. Here's hoping that dies down quickly.

3. We don't have any big plans for Father's Day... Collin might have too much homework for us to actually do any family activities together. :( Still, the kids and I have gifts for him and I'll probably cook a fancy supper (or we'll go out; he hasn't decided which he'd prefer) on Sunday. We'll also attend Mass, of course. We jus…

A wonderful quote

Leila made a comment at her blog recently, and it was so wonderful and uplifting that I just have to share:

Children, every single one, are a complete and utter blessing. They are a gift from God to their families, their nations, the world. They are the hope and reason for our future. They are always a good, never an enemy. They are good for this world, and our greatest resource. They are made in the very image and likeness of God. I honestly can't think of any earthly thing better than a new baby.All I can say is: Amen!

Our Harry Potter Love Story

Betty Beguiles is hosting an engagement stories link round-up, so I thought I'd participate!

It was a dark and stormy night...

Oops, never mind. I slipped into my English major mode for a second there. :) Anyway...

It all started one fateful day in June 2000. I was a student at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY, and I was still on campus because I was taking a summer class (Spanish 2030). I was in a campus computer lab, reading the latest rumors about the fourth Harry Potter book. I'd read the first book during Christmas break at the urging of my mother and my aunt Sheri; I'd been immediately hooked and ordered the second and third from Amazon in February. By that summer, I'd reread all three books a million times, was eagerly awaiting the fourth, and was a certified Harry Potter addict.

While looking for Harry Potter webpages on Yahoo! (remember, this was before the heyday of Facebook and forum-based message boards), I discovered that there were five or six Ha…

7 Quick Takes Friday - June 10, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. I was not expecting to see the parking lot of my office building cordoned off by police tape this morning. I had park a block away and use a different entrance. As it turns out, there was a shooting at the hotel next door this morning, and it involved a person shooting at police officers. Thankfully, no one was killed. I have no idea why they had to block off our parking lot, but luckily they opened it up again an hour or two after I got here so I was able to move my car.

2. Update on Señor/ita Cuatro - I had an OB appointment on Tuesday, and got to hear Baby's heartbeat. S/he kept moving around so we never got to hear it for more than a few seconds, but the NP estimated it was 150bpm. I think I've been feeling him/her kick for the past week, too. They're not butterfly flutters, either; these are genuine kicks. I think we've got a feisty one in there. :)

3. The belly's poking out, too; I'm already in maternity clothes. I still l…

7 Quick Takes Friday - June 3, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. 12 weeks today! According to my BabyCenter e-mail, the baby is about two inches crown-to-rump and is the size of a lime.

I have an appointment on Tuesday and I'm hoping we'll be able to hear his/her heartbeat via Doppler. I swear I felt the baby kick yesterday, but it could have easily been something else (such as wishful thinking).

2. I have a cold. Ugh. Seems to be a summer tradition with me. I caught bronchitis when I was pregnant with Violet. My nose is all stuffed up and my sinuses hurt.

3. William has been making huge strides potty training. For the last two days, he has voluntarily gone to the bathroom in the morning and evening, without me or Collin having to take him or remind him. I'm so thankful; it'll be nice to have only one in diapers for a while.

4. How adorable is my new nephew Carter? If I had more time off I'd drive the 14 hours and go see him! What a cutie!

5. I read a marvelous book earlier this week, one I'…