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7 Quick Takes Friday - January 28, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Thank you all again for your supportive comments to my last post. I plan to head to our local library this weekend and get some more resources on autism (the Sears parenting library has an autism book, yay!). Knowledge is power, and I'm feeling a bit better about things now that I've done some research. More good news is that Elanor has already met one of her physical therapy goals -- her PT called me yesterday to let me know. Go Elanor!

2. My grandma Violet arrived safely for her annual winter visit (although she got the time of her flight wrong and almost didn't make it -- eep!). The kids love having her with us, and I appreciate that she distracts them for me. :) I've actually managed to cook dinner four nights in a row! I think that's some kind of record for me.

3. Speaking of dinner, I have a fabulous recipe for fresh green beans that is always a hit at our house (at least with Collin and I -- the kids, of course, will barely to…

My daughter has autism.

I think I'm ready to blog about this now.

We had another meeting with the special education department at Elanor's school last Friday. They've been testing her for the last few weeks, and the meeting was to go over the results of their tests. The final diagnosis, given her global delays and other signs, was autism (mild to moderate).


I have to admit, I got weepy. It wasn't exactly a shock, as they'd mentioned the possibility at our previous meeting, but it was sort of hard to swallow.

The good news is that they said she was very bright and lovable, and kept reiterating what a joy she was to work with. They're confident that she will make excellent progress once she starts special ed classes (she will be pulled from her regular classroom for 90 min/day for academic assistance and speech therapy, and she'll also be getting some physical and occupational therapy, about 30 min/week).

Now, a request: I know next to nothing about autism and I'm loo…

7 Quick Takes Friday - Pro-Life Edition

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. It's "Ask Them What They Mean By Choice" Blog Day! Please participate if you can. There are several other pro-life activities this weekend, including Marches for Life on both coasts as well as the Phoenix March for Life, which I plan to attend. In the spirit of the day, I'd like to present some of the best "choices" I ever made.

2. Elanor Mary at 9 weeks, 6 days:

3. Elanor Mary at 20 weeks:

4. William Joseph at 8 weeks (it was an abdominal ultrasound, so you can barely make out the little peanut, but he's there!):

5. William Joseph at 20 weeks:

6. Violet Elizabeth at 8 weeks:

7. Violet Elizabeth at 20 weeks:

Pro-Life Blogging Day, January 21

I'm participating! How about you?

Edit - just ordered my copy of Unplanned. Can't wait to read it!

7 Quick Takes Friday - Jan 14, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. First I was sick, then the kids were all sick, then Collin was sick, and now Elanor's sick again. Can we get a break??

2. My work has implemented more flexible scheduling, a Godsend considering the above. In exchange we're all pitching in to do a bit more overtime, but that's a fair trade-off -- especially if it leads to even more flexible scheduling (e.g., being able to work from home a few days per week).

3. I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and get one of those automatic litter boxes. I just keep forgetting to clean the cat's until it's too late and she's gone ahead and pooped on our carpet. (Bad of me, I know...) I'm thinking of this one, if I can convince Collin to spend that much on a litter box.

4. I can't wait to get and read Unplanned! I'll probably order it on Monday, when I get paid.

5. We're also planning on going to the Phoenix March for Life Rally on the same Sunday my grandma arrives (conveni…

Six years ago today...

Image 12:20pm (CST):

Can't believe she's six already! I wrote a post in her honor at the Catholic Phoenix blog.

Prayers for Peace

I am saddened and deeply troubled by the recent shooting deaths in Tucson, Arizona. My heart goes out to all the injured, and to the families of the victims killed. I especially pray that Congresswoman Giffords is able to overcome her injuries and fully recover.

There are several articles over at the Catholic Phoenix that are well worth reading:

The Political Evil of the Tucson Shooting and the Political Courage that Must Meet It

Judge John Roll: God doesn’t bring you to a point in order to abandon you.

As difficult as it is, I also pray for the gunman and any accomplices he had. May they come to realize that hate is a festering wound further exacerbated by the poison of violence. May they come to know peace, goodness, and God's love, and come to repent of the crimes they committed yesterday. May they receive the justice they so richly deserve.

In that spirit I offer these two prayers for peace.

Prayer for Peace by Pope John XXIII

Lord Jesus Christ, who are called the Prince of P…

new post at Catholic Phoenix

My latest post is up at the Catholic Phoenix blog:

The ELCA and Abortion