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7 Quick Takes Friday - September 30, 2011

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It's been one of those weeks. I have a huge project due at work that I've been frantically working on this week, putting in many extra hours; Collin's in the midst of a particularly challenging college class that's requiring HIM to put in many extra hours, our van got a flat tire, Violet's teething and ran a high fever yesterday, so couldn't go to daycare (I managed to work from home and still put in 13 hours while caring for her), and my doctor's office told me I was anemic and needed iron supplements. I'm really hoping things will marginally calm down once this week is over.

--- 2 ---
Two pieces of good news this week, though: we asked two of our close friends (the couple who run the marriage prep program at our parish) to be Baby W.'s godparents, and they said they'd be honored. I'm so happy they said yes.

My father e-mailed me to let me know he bought his plane tickets for Christmas -- he'll be here from December 24 to Janu…

Prayer Buddy Reveal

I signed up to be a Prayer Buddy for the first time last month, and since then I've been blessed to pray for Tess from The Lighthouse. Tess, I tried to pray for you every day -- sometimes pregnancy brain interfered and I forgot, but I think I remembered most days. :)

Happy Feast of the Archangels!

A Response to Lisa Graas Re: "The Moral to this Story"

Lisa made a number of unkind, uncharitable, and outright untrue accusations toward me in her most recent blog post. Given that she turned comments off, I’m unable to respond at her blog so I will have to do so here in hopes that anyone who reads her unjust accusations will also find my rebuttal to them.

1. “If I were to now go and kill myself it would not be because of ‘Bipolarphobia’ on the part of Joann [sic]  for demonizing me based on my disorder, though she did do that.”

Apparently, Lisa’s definition of “dehumanizing” someone with Bipolar disorder is to do the following:

State that your husband (of 10 years and counting) has Bipolar Disorder.
State that, based on the fact above, you have learned to recognize the signs of when someone’s meds may be out of whack and may need adjusting.
State that you have seen signs of increased paranoia and excessive self-recrimination based on perceived insults in someone’s comments (see Lisa’s comment from September 26, 2011 at 1:22 am on this pos…

7 Quick Takes Friday - September 23, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Collin and Violet had a good trip to ND. The flight there went well (apparently several other passengers commented on how good she was!); the flight back wasn't quite so good as Violet was tired and cranky but refusing sleep. However, they survived intact and even had a fun time. :)

Violet got to spend time with a lot of relatives, including Grandma Jan (my mom) with whom she hit it off really well:

2. I actually had a really productive weekend without a toddler around - go figure! - and got almost all the way caught up on laundry (we had a HUGE backlog; most if it, I'm sad to say, was on our bedroom floor). Collin was shocked and surprised when he walked into a sparkling clean bedroom on Monday night.

3. Oh, I don't think I talked about Elanor's latest stunt. About two weeks ago, she cut Violet's hair. As in, she cut off all of Violet's beautiful blond curls from the back of her head. I loved those curls so I was pretty upset. A…

Joe Mizzi's Response

Dr. Mizzi responded, very politely, to my e-mail regarding his NFP article. His response (in green) and my subsequent reply are below (notes in italics are were not included in my reply to him).

Dear Joanna,

Thank you for your letter.

It is too long to answer you on every point.
[I doubt this, as his original article was several pages long and my response was only a few paragraphs. I think he's deflecting my points because he's stymied on how to answer them.]

If you could just answer these two questions, I'd appreciate it:

1. Given that all Christian denominations taught that contraception was immoral until 1930, did God (a) change His mind or (b) allow Christians to believe and teach false doctrine for over 1,900 years?

2. Since spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) occurs naturally (just as the infertile phase of a woman's cycle does), does that mean that induced abortion is also acceptable?

Do not couples using NFP deliberately frustrate the natural purpose of the conjuga…

Responding to Joe Mizzi - "An Evaluation of Natural Family Planning"

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I subscribe to the "Just for Catholics" newsletter in which Joe Mizzi, a former Catholic, tries to persuade Catholics how wrong they are. Dr. Mizzi and I have had a couple of brief e-mail exchanges and I found him to be a sincere, if misguided, individual (unlike professional anti-Catholic Mike Gendron, who became progressively more rude and irrational in his responses to me).

He recently sent out an article titled, "An Evaluation of Natural Family Planning" (note: opens as a PDF) in which he attempts to prove that NFP and certain forms of contraception are no different from one another (and thus the Catholic Church is wrong to teach that all contraception is immoral). To his credit, he condemns contraception that is potentially abortive, and for that I commend him. However, his points are illogical and unpersuasive, and I sent him the below e-mail in an attempt to point out some of the flaws in his argument.

Dear Dr. Mizzi…

7 Quick Takes Friday - September 16, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. I'm up way too late because I'm packing a suitcase for Collin & Violet. Tomorrow they fly to Fargo, ND to attend Collin's cousin's wedding. (Too expensive for all of us to go, but Violet can still fly as a lap baby, so...)

2, I've never been separated from Violet overnight before, and it's hard. I know she'll be in good hands, but... but. She's my baby. (I'll miss Collin too, of course... but I've left him overnight before so it's not quite as hard. :P)

3. I had to say goodbye to her already because she'll still be sleeping when I leave for work tomorrow. They'll return late Monday night. Please pray that they have a safe trip, and that Violet behaves as well as an 18-month-old can in those circumstances.

4. Okay, I need to talk about something else or I'm going to start sobbing. Let me tell a couple of fun stories from our vacation.

5. When we arrived at the San Diego zoo, it was early after…


Collin and I had been married for exactly 11 days. We were living in a small one-bedroom apartment in Minneapolis, MN, where I was a student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and Collin worked as a contractor for a local IT company.

I remember my alarm, set to a local radio station, going off... I can't remember the time but I think it was around 7:30am. The only thing I heard before I hit the snooze button was, "A plane has hit the World Trade Center." Great, I remember thinking grumpily, some idiot in a Cessna went off course and has managed to kill himself.

I got up and fired up my computer, intending to check my e-mail quickly before getting ready for the day. My homepage was set to and the pictures of an airliner flying into the first Tower leaped out at me immediately. I stared at them uncomprehendingly for a few minutes, then switched on the TV and started watching the news coverage. Then I went to wake up Collin and told him what was happening…

7 Quick Takes Friday - September 9, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

I uploaded over 100 vacation pictures to Facebook last night! If you're my FB friend, you can see them here, but here are some of my favorites from the non-Disneyland portions of our trip (I'll probably do a follow-up post later on this week with our Disneyland pictures -- there are too many for a QT post!)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

7 Quick Takes Friday - September 2, 2011 - Vacation Quick Takes

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

Well, we're off to San Diego today! I'm already in lazy vacation mode, so I'm going to slap up a couple YouTube videos that I like and call it good. :) Enjoy!

1. We celebrated 10 years of marriage yesterday! (That means we've been married 50 years in celebrity marriage years, right?)

2. Here's a blast from my past: Kristin Chenoweth singing "Taylor the Latte Boy." I LOVED this song circa 1999 or so. In fact, I still find it pretty hilarious.

3. Another blast from my past - Rockapella performing "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" I watched that show every day when I was a kid. I wanted to to marry the bass singer (Barry Carl).

4. One of my all-time favorite movie scenes. I wish I could get this on MP3.

5. When looking for the above clip, I saw this one on the suggestions tab. Talk about chills! Further Googling revealed that it's Deanna Durbin in the movie "It's a Date." What an incredible voice…

What a Difference a Decade Makes

Ten years ago today, I walked down the aisle a single woman...

...and walked up it a married woman.

After the ceremony, we laughed...

...and relaxed...

...and had cake*...

 ...and kissed...

...and had fun hamming it up for the camera during our wedding dance (which was, inadvertently, Harry Potter-themed).

But we had no idea how much our lives would change in the span of 10 short years, or that we'd go from this:

to this: one:

We've done an incredible amount of growing, changing, and learning since our marriage, and I can't thank God enough for the incredible blessings He has given us during our journey. Without Him in our marriage, I fear it would have crumbled long before we reached this point. Our journey to Catholicism has made us stronger as individuals, but it's also made us infinitely stronger as "one flesh."

Here's to ten great years... and, God willing, many decades more.