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Mike Clancy Is a Liar

This originally was a comment left on Leila's excellent post about Mike Clancy's ineptitude, and she suggested I make it into a blog post of my own.

Well, he's done it again. Mike Clancy at the Arizona Republic has made a mockery of his profession, not to mention the truth, with another lame-ass article about the Catholic Church (specifically, the Church's reaction to the HHS mandate). Let's explore some of his more egregious falsehoods, shall we?

1. Why is Clancy unable to take five seconds to look up the definition of "abortion"?

...Olmsted ousted the hospital [St. Joseph's] from the Catholic family after a dispute about a medical procedure that Olmsted considered an abortion.
 St. Joseph itself admitted that they "terminated an 11-week pregnancy". [Note the source of that link.] Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy. Olmsted didn't "deem" it an abortion, St. Joe's itself and the DICTIONARY did! Is Clancy r…

Don't Be a Catholic Butt

The following appeared in my parish's bulletin this weekend.


What about after the baby shower? Will you support the child financially? How dare you!” (-as it was written, including underlines)

Instead of choosing to write a name and participate in praying for the unborn, this unsigned complaint was handwritten on one of our blue cards last weekend for the spiritual adoption of an unborn child. Obviously the person is in a great deal of pain and anger. Please add him or her to your prayers and others who are still angry for whatever reason whenever they hear the Catholic Church preach on legally protecting the unborn.

I do believe that the Catholic Church does a great deal for babies and families. Catholic hospitals, parishes and charities do tremendous good work. Obviously this person can’t see it. He or she points the finger at “you” but who is this unnamed “you?” The person who wrote the message is also part of the “you”, part of the Church that he or she is alle…

7 Quick Takes Friday - January 27, 2012

--- 1 ---
Collin, the kids, and I went to the Phoenix March for Life last Sunday! About 700 people came out and we had a great time. It was so wonderful to be among such young, enthusiastic people all celebrating life! We met up with Kara, who wrote a great recap. Here are the pictures I took:

Bishop Olmsted's homily at the Mass prior to the March was fantastic, by the way.

--- 2 ---
For an excellent recap of the non-coverage by the MSM, see Bad Catholic's Media Stupidity at the March for Life. At the Phoenix march, I saw a TV camera here and there but I didn't see any broadcast about it (if anyone knows otherwise, please inform me!).

--- 3 ---
My grandmother arrives tomorrow! Yay! I should probably get around to taking my Christmas decorations down tonight... might be weird to walk into our house and see the Christmas tree up. :)

--- 4 ---
This is going to be a great weekend to see family! On Sunday, two of Collin's aunts (one from ND, one from MN) will be in town, and we…

Smiles! Smiles! Smiles!

My heart just melts.

Back at work

Daycare reports that Gabriel is doing well. No problems taking a bottle, thank goodness. Can't wait until the day is over and I get my baby back!

Trust Women?

Many of the signs being held by Planned Parenthood supporters at the State Capitol rally said "Trust Women." I'm assuming this is a shorter version of the pro-choice slogan, "We trust the women of this nation to make their own morally correct choices."

I've been thinking about this more, and I've come upon a contradiction that seems irreconcilable on several levels.

(1) This slogan assumes that the choices involved have equal moral weight. Choosing adoption or choosing to raise the baby on one's own are indeed choices with equal moral weight, and pro-lifers do indeed "trust women" to make either of those choices and support either one wholeheartedly. However, the choice of abortion involves killing an innocent human being, which is an intrinsic moral evil. It does not carry the same moral weight as the other two choices, which are not intrinsic moral evils.

An analogous situation would be if the choice were between giving a newborn baby…

7 Quick Takes Friday - January 20, 2012

--- 1 ---I didn't get to Quick Takes last week because I was busy preparing for Elanor's 7th birthday! We had a small celebration at home, with homemade pizza and birthday cake, and she was delighted to receive The Muppet Movie and Muppet Treasure Island on DVD (ever since we saw The Muppets, she's been in love with Kermit and the gang).

We spent the entire next day at our local zoo, along with her aunt, uncle, and cousin, and she had her cousin (also her best friend) spend the night as well.

I can't believe my eldest is 7 years old already! *sniff*

--- 2 ---
My maternity leave is almost up. I go back to work on Monday. *sigh* I don't want to leave my baby but I have no choice.

--- 3 ---
I didn't watch the debate the other night, but I did see the clip of Newt Gingrich skewering John King.

Now, I'm not a Newt fan; some of his political stances aside, the fact that he's a serial adulterer seriously puts me off. I get that he's allegedly had a genuine …

How Bizarre

Apparently, last June a Rick Santorum staffer sent a private e-mail from his personal e-mail account to a friend. The e-mail questioned if there was a Biblical basis for the stance that a woman should not be president. (Not a stance I share, personally.)

Now the left is claiming that since Santorum did not immediately and publicly denounce a private e-mail that wasn't even sent to him, and that there is no proof he ever saw, it means he shares and celebrates this staffer's opinion.

The hell? Are they holding Obama to the same standard of analyzing his employees' personal e-mails and publicly denouncing any personal viewpoints with which he disagrees?

My Encounter with Planned Parenthood Supporters - updated

I updated My Encounter with Planned Parenthood Supporters to include a picture of the pro-life crowd taken at the very end of the rally (photo credit: AZ Right to Life). Aren't we a nice-looking bunch? :)

My Encounter with Planned Parenthood Supporters

Planned Parenthood of AZ held a "Stop the War Against Women" rally (*groan*) at the State Capitol today, so Arizona Right to Life asked for people to come and stage a counter-protest. I went, as did Kara, and here are my reflections on the event.

There were a lot more abortion supporters than pro-lifers there, but I think that's because PP had a lot more planning time (and they're also better funded -- I'm willing to be that a lot of the people there were employees). The vast majority of PP supporters seemed to be elderly women. There were some younger women, a few men, and a group of teens, but I'd estimate that 70-80% were retirees. Check out this article about the event, for example:

"Women's rights have been part of my life forever," said Donna Ellis, 69....

Malinda Briggs, 63, of Tucson, said...
Here are some pictures of the PP crowd:

(the signs read "No Laws on Our Bodies" and "Hands off My Womb"

In contrast, here's…

Refuting a Common Myth

This is a comment I recently left at the birth blog Stand and Deliver, which I'm posting here for easier reference. I find myself repeating this argument many times in various places across the blogopshere. What makes me sad is that this argument is so easy to refute, but pro-choicers don't seem interested in doing any research that might challenge their assumptions.

"The hypocrisy of many pro-life arguments, which glorify motherhood (by wishing all women to become mothers, however unwilling) yet do nothing to actually support mothers or babies, incenses me."
This is incorrect on two points: We on the pro-life side believe that women (and men) become parents the moment the child is conceived. However, we acknowledge that neither parent may be able or willing to parent the child after birth, in which case adoption is encouraged as an alternative to killing an innocent child who didn't ask to be conceived in less than ideal circumstances, or (in the case of rape/inc…

7 Quick Takes Friday - January 6, 2011 - Baptism Edition

More pictures from Gabriel's baptism (there are more than seven, but who's counting?!)

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

For Sale, Cheap -- Or Maybe Not

The kids were watching The Small One today, and the following conversation ensued:

William: "Why does Small One have to be sold?"

Me: "Because he can't work enough to pay for his food anymore."

William: "Why can't he work?"

Me: "He's getting too old."

William: "Why is he getting old?"

Me: "All living things eventually get old except for Dick Clark."

William: "I'm not old."

Me: "No, right now you're a little boy, but someday you'll get old like Mommy."

*long pause*

William, with a slight hitch in his voice: "And then you'll have to sell me?"

(After working hard to smother laughter, I assured him that we weren't going to sell him, ever. Violet, maybe, but not him.)

Baptism Day

"This is our faith. This is the faith of the Church. We are proud to profess it, in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Gabriel Keith, child of God