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Baptism Collage

I found this frame at a thrift store for $3.99. The individual glass panes were smudged and dirty but a little glass cleaner took care of that.

A 4 x6 picture from each of the kids' baptisms, and a prayer card of each of their respective patron saints.

 Double-sided tape and 4x6 photo paper to make a nice backdrop for the prayer cards.

Voila! A baptism collage!
(The patron saints are St. Mary, St. Joseph, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and the archangel Gabriel)

(Please ignore the horrific peach walls that make everything look hideously orange.)

[Addendum: While I was finishing up this post, I was nursing Gabriel. He started kicking and managed to hit the keyboard and somehow publish this post! Baby's first blog entry??]

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 27, 2012

Gabriel was 8 months old yesterday, so these quick takes are (mostly) all about him!

--- 1 ---

--- 2 ---

--- 3 ---

--- 4 ---

--- 5 ---

--- 6 ---

--- 7 ---
This was posted in my workplace's break room earlier this week, responsible party unknown.
It cracks me up every time!
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Stop Calling Me "Anti-Gay"

I love gay people. I really do. I think people with same-sex attraction of any type are human beings made in the image and likeness of God with inherent worth, dignity, and value. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

However, according to the MSM and many people on my FB feed, I'm anti-gay and homophobic.


I happen to support traditional marriage. My reasons are both secular and religious.

A liberal Facebook friend made the following comment after I defended my hometown newspaper for refusing to print same-sex marriage announcements, given that same-sex marriage is illegal in North Dakota:

The name-calling comment, by the way, is due to a previous commenter who had called me a "close-minded asshole."

Anyway, she's "never know me to be mean," yet apparently she thinks I'm close-minded and anti-gay - despite all evidence to the contrary! I don't …

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 20, 2012

--- 1 --- Prayers for all the people affected by the shooting in Colorado today. --- 2 --- In happier news, I have a new nephew! Collin's brother Corey & my SIL Ramona had their second son this morning. His name is Bryce William and he is 9lbs, 4oz. There's a pic on FB and he's a cutie! He also shares a birthday with my sister. :) --- 3 --- Sorry if these Quick Takes are rather disjointed, bordering on incoherent. Gabriel has not been sleeping well lately. He apparently didn't nap at all yesterday, so I was hoping he'd sleep well last night. Alas, 'twas not to be. He was fussy and cranky and woke up at 11pm and 1:30am (and didn't go back to sleep very easily). I think it's teething-related. I'm so tired. --- 4 --- I made Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken for supper last night and it truly was amazing. I wish I'd remembered to bring some leftovers for lunch today. --- 5 is up! Check it out! --- 6 --- The new job is going…

Great news!

Look who made it onto the My Family Found Me page at Reece's Rainbow!

It's Steven!

Thank you, God! Thank you for your prayers, St. Stephen & St. Joseph!


The big news last month was that Patheos atheist blogger Leah Libresco had moved her blog to the Catholic portal and was beginning RCIA. I've read Leah's blog on and off for the last few years, and of course I couldn't tear myself away from the comboxes. One commenter, Donalbain, said the following (emphasis mine):
While I wish you well in your religious choice, I cannot support the Catholic Portal on Patheos while it is headed by the vile, hateful Anchoress writer. I think you will be a horrible fit for that group of people, who seem to blog about nothing else other than how gay people and women who control their own bodies are evil. Good luck and I hope being a Catholic makes you happy, and I hope that you can prod a change in the Catholic Portal, but for me, this is the end of reading your blog. I offered him $100 if he could provide a direct quote where a Patheos Catholic blogger said that "gay people and women who control their own bodies are evil," but …

Two Cooking Successes!

I just had to share.

1. We are out of cereal so I made pancakes from scratch for the kids this morning. I used this recipe from and they were amazing. Light, fluffy, and so easy to make, with common ingredients I already had on hand! The kids gobbled them up and asked for more.

2. Collin slept in due to a headache, but when he got up he was ravenous. He wanted to go out and get something to eat, but I offered to cook for him instead. He requested pancakes, bacon, and eggs over hard.

Due to using the stove to make the eggs and pancakes, I decided to try baking the bacon in the oven. It turned out to be the BEST bacon I'd ever tasted! Moist and crisp and delicious. I followed these instructions and the bacon turned out marvelous. Best of all, there was very little mess, and it was so easy! I'm definitely using the oven to make bacon from now on.

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 6, 2012

--- 1 ---
My dad is gone, and we are missing him!

We had a really fun week; I can't believe how fast it went!

--- 2 ---
Last weekend we went to the Grand Canyon. We'd all been there once before but Dad wanted to see it again, so off we went.

--- 3 ---
The next day, we went to an arts & crafts fair in Prescott, AZ. It was so much fun! We picked up some nice things, including this handmade sign that I immediately hung in our foyer:

I was also amused by this one:

--- 4 ---
On Monday, I had my first day at my new job! It went very well. Lots of great people, and I have a very nice new space in which to work. The highlight, for me, was seeing the outdoor eating area at my new office. It has a fish pond. Yes, a fish pond, with koi fish and even a turtle named Thomas!

Plus, I have my own (underground) parking space!

It was a very good day. If anyone's interested, here's the official press release from my new employer regarding the acquisition from my old company.

--- 5 ---