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7 Quick Takes Friday - April 26, 2013

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This is my first Quick Takes in over a month. Oops. I'm going to chalk it up to busy Fridays combined with pregnancy fatigue.

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I'm 16w3d today, but the pregnancy fatigue and occasional nausea is still hanging on. I haven't felt the need to take a (generic) Zofran in a few weeks, so that's something.

--- 3 ---

A local pro-life pregnancy center asked for pregnant volunteers on Facebook -- they needed to train their new u/s technician in 3-D ultrasounds. I volunteered and went there on Wednesday -- and promptly lost the pictures later that night. *facepalm* I think they fell out of my purse when I was at the grocery store. Despite two trips there to retrace my steps, and talking to Customer Service, they haven't turned up. I can't figure out what happened to them. So, all I have is this picture-of-a-picture that I texted to Collin:

He or she looked perfect! His/her heartrate was 152bpm, exactly was it was during my OB appointment yesterday. And we…

Colton's Happiest Place Giveaway!

Have you seen Kara's amazing Disney-themed giveaway to help bring sweet Colton home?? Check out the prizes!

You can enter by making a donation (tax-deductible), and/or by sharing the giveaway via social media. Check it out, and spread the word!

Vent of the Day

William had a well-child doctor's visit about two weeks ago and got up-to-date on his vaccinations.

Collin requested a copy of William's vaccination record so we could include it with his kindergarten paperwork. The lady at the office said she'd mail it to us.

Fast forward to yesterday, and we still hadn't received it. I called this morning and left a message with the doctor's assistant, asking when it had been mailed. I received a return call earlier this afternoon. The lady I spoke to said, "I hadn't actually mailed it yet, because I wasn't aware it was a priority, but it's in the mail now!"

I simply thanked her and hung up, but more because I was too shocked to say what I was really thinking. Which was, honestly, something along these lines: 

Getting my son's medical record is certainly a priority to me, regardless of the reason I need it! What on earth made her think this wasn't a priority, and why was that her decision to mak…

Catholic Stand post

FYI, I wrote a longer (and slightly less snarky) version of Tuesday's post for Catholic Stand. Thank you all for the kind wishes and congratulations! They are very much appreciated!

Happy Easter, Happy News

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

Our holiday was extra special this year, because we shared the joyful news with our families that our fifth child is due to arrive somewhere around October 8!

Here is a sneak peek at Tiebreaker (our pet name for #5), from my ultrasound at 7w6d:

Thankfully, s/he had a strong heartbeat. We had a scare early on in my pregnancy caused by five days of red bleeding and clots. I had three blood tests to check my HCG levels (all doubled nicely), and then this ultrasound. Yesterday, at 12w6d, Collin and I were able to hear the baby's heartbeat via Doppler for the first time (153 bpm).

The news was received by our families with much surprise and some concern, so I've compiled a brief FAQ to answer many of the questions we've already been asked (and some I expect have been asked behind our backs).

Q: Five kids? Are you crazy??

A: Yes!

Q: Where will you put them all?

A: In bedrooms, with bunk beds eventually. If necessary we can also pitch tents in t…