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Goodbye, Papa

Thank you for your wisdom.

Thank you for your humility.

Thank you for your guidance.

Thank you for your prayers.
Human life is a journey. Towards what destination? How do we find the way? Life is like a voyage on the sea of history, often dark and stormy, a voyage in which we watch for the stars that indicate the route. The true stars of our life are the people who have lived good lives. They are lights of hope. Certainly, Jesus Christ is the true light, the sun that has risen above all the shadows of history. But to reach him we also need lights close by—people who shine with his light and so guide us along our way. Who more than Mary could be a star of hope for us? With her “yes” she opened the door of our world to God himself; she became the living Ark of the Covenant, in whom God took flesh, became one of us, and pitched his tent among us (cf. Jn 1:14). - Spe Salvi

Thank you, Papa, for being a "light of hope" for me and for the whole Church. 
The Lo…

7 Quick Takes Friday - February 15, 2013

--- 1 ---
I'm so excited. It's MYSTERY DATE night! That's where one of us plans a date and the other has no idea what we're doing or where we're going until we get there. Collin's surprised me twice with mystery dates (last Mother's Day he surprised me with a night at Talking Stick Resort; last September he surprised me with dinner out and tickets to a live Broadway tour of Les Miserables). Tonight it's my turn. Muwahahahaha. He knows we have a date tonight, but not where we're going. As he reads my blog, I won't share the details right now.

--- 2 ---
This weekend we're considering going to Flagstaff so the kids can play in snow. All of us have been sick this week so we're mulling the idea of cancelling, but I think we might go anyway and just let the kids see the snow instead of play in it.

--- 3 ---
I was surprised and sad to learn about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, but I understand that his health has deteriorated. I'll mis…

My Thoughts on the Pope's Resignation

...summed up in meme form.

7 Quick Takes Friday - February 8, 2013

--- 1 ---
These are going to be very quick Quick Takes because my children are demanding to be fed. Apparently they expect supper every night.

--- 2 ---
I put my shirt on inside out this morning and didn't notice until about an hour after I arrived at work. *facepalm*

--- 3 ---
Elanor was supposed to have a sleepover at her friend Katie's house tonight, but Katie came down with strep throat so we had to cancel. :( On the up side, it means that she and Collin can attend the "Daddy-Daughter Dance" that her school is hosting tonight.

--- 4 ---
Gabriel is walking!!! At 14 months, he is my earliest walker. He's still a little unsteady solo, but he loves pushing our recycling bin and laundry baskets around.

--- 5 ---
The time is quickly approaching to sign up William for kindergarten in the fall. *sniff* He is already SO excited, and I'm trying to figure out where the years have gone.

--- 6 ---
Lent is next week? Oy. That came up fast. Before I realized that week was L…

Being Sisyphus

My first article for Catholic Stand, "Being Sisyphus," was published this morning.

If you are so inclined, check it out! :)