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A Twitter Conversation with an Abortion Supporter

It started with this tweet, as seen on the website Moronic Pro-Choice Quotes:

I want to know if antis REALLY don't understand that abortion is not surgery, or if they're just pretending not to.
— Jane Doe, MD (@DrJaneChi) July 17, 2013

I found the irony of an (alleged) doctor claiming that a surgery was not, in fact, a surgery, too difficult to resist and decided to reply.

@DrJaneChi A D&C is not surgery? That's not what my OB said. Why was I given general anesthesia for a non-surgical procedure, then?
— JoAnna (@astarofhope) July 17, 2013
[For anyone unaware, I had a D&C in 2006 for a missed miscarriage. At the time of the diagnosis I was twelve weeks along, but the baby was only measuring 7w6d.]

She replied:

@astarofhope Convention, & so they didn't have to worry about your discomfort, & bc insurance will pay for it.
— Jane Doe, MD (@DrJaneChi) July 17, 2013

 Apparently she's under the impression that a D&C is only classified as a surgery so insu…

7 Quick Takes Saturday - July 27, 2013

--- 1 ---
Let me reiterate how much I hate scorpions. We found two more Wednesday night (one of which I nearly stepped on). The first was in the doorway of our laundry room and the second was on the floor of our master bath. We had the exterminator out again, and last night Collin found another one on the downstairs bathroom floor. Good news is that it was already dead.

I'm so paranoid now that I'm having trouble sleeping; I keep imagining scorpions crawling on me. Last night a fly landed on my foot and I screamed because my first thought was, "Scorpion!"

--- 2 ---
Last Wednesday was just plain awful. The kids were at each other's throats all evening, we had the adventures with scorpions, Collin got off work 45 minutes late, and then later that night he ended up going to the ER for ANOTHER kidney stone. He's seeing a urologist now and they're going to do some tests to see if they can narrow down the type of stones being passed so he can better tailor his…

NFP Awareness Week!

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7 Quick Takes Friday - July 12, 2013 - Close Encounters with Scorpions Edition


--- 1 ---
One of my worst fears was realized this morning. One of my kids was stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion (a.k.a., the most venomous scorpion in North America).

--- 2 ---
Poor William was the unfortunate victim. The scorpion was hiding in his shoe (!!). While we try to remember to shake out our shoes in the morning, we often forget in the rush to get out the door. So, William put on his shoes as usual this morning, and just as we were heading out the door he started screaming that something was poking his foot.

My heart filled with dread as I guessed what was happening. I ripped the shoe off his foot and shook it out over the floor, and, sure enough, a scorpion fell out. It was still alive, and he and I both screamed. I yelled at the other kids to stay in the garage (they had already gone out), and used William's shoe to pound on the disgusting thing as hard as I could. We were in the la…