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7 Quick Takes Saturday - September 28, 2013

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No baby yet. I'm 38w4d today. Elanor was born at 39w0d and Violet at 40w3d, so I have a ways to go before declaring this my longest pregnancy, but it sure as heck FEELS like my longest pregnancy.

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I had two bouts of prodromal labor last week - one on Sunday, one on Wednesday. On both days I was having contractions averaging about a minute long and 10 minutes apart for about 12 hours (around 10am-10pm). Some contractions were more painful than others, some were Braxton-Hicks. We gave our doula a text to let her know what was going on each time, but didn't head to the hospital or anything. Once I fell asleep, the contractions either stopped or were so mild that I slept through them. Since then, I've had sporadic Braxton Hicks but no more of the prodromal stuff, thank goodness.

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I had an appointment on Friday and asked the midwife to do a cervical check, as I was curious to see if the prodromal labor had effected any changes. I'm still not dilat…

Examining Scouting Choices - A Letter from My Husband

My husband wrote what I consider to be a kick-ass letter to our parish the other day, and he gave me permission to post it.

Greetings [Parish] Scout Leadership and Pastors,

My name is Collin Wahlund, I have been a parishioner at [Parish] for several years.  I have had a great interest in sharing the experiences that scouting had brought to me with my children at our parish, especially with my oldest son who has just entered Kindergarten this year.

Unfortunately, in light of the recent decision by the BSA to allow open and active homosexual behavior to be declared acceptable I simply cannot in good conscience allow my children to be involved with that organization.  This stance that the BSA has taken is even more disconcerting given that the incoming president of the BSA, Randall Stephenson, is on record in a homosexual activism publication for being committed to allow actively homosexual men as scout leaders.

Since homosexual activity is gravely sinful by the teachings of our…

7 Quick Takes Friday - September 20, 2013

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Still pregnant. Boring OB appointment today (which is a good thing). I declined a cervical check because I didn't feel like it. My group B strep test was negative. I'm at 37w3d and so far it seems like Tiebreaker is content to stay where s/he is for now. That's kind of a good thing, as I still have quite a bit at work that I'd like to accomplish before I go on leave, but at the same time I'm anxious to meet this baby.

--- 2 ---
I'm now working from home full-time until labor starts, hallelujah. Not having to commute 90 miles per day (round trip) has helped a lot.

--- 3 ---
I'm happy to report that the doula drama is over. After the last doula's no-show, we set up interviews with two other doulas in the area. The first interview went extremely well, but we didn't want to officially hire her until we'd met the other doula and given her a chance to knock our socks off. Well, other doula ended up cancelling due to illness (she sent me an e…

Pope Francis Has Single-Handedly Destroyed Catholicism

To see how, check out my latest at Catholic Stand. ;)

(Also: no baby yet.)

7 Quick Takes Friday - September 6, 2013

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 Collin and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on September 1! 

We hired Kara to watch our kids and spent the whole day playing Dungeons and Dragons. It was glorious.

Our joint gift to each other was an iPad! I've wanted one for years, so I was very happy when he proposed that idea. It'll come in handy when the baby's born; we can FaceTime with relatives and show him/her off.

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Quick word of warning - the rest of my quick takes are all pregancy/birth related, so if that bores you, feel free to skip them. :)

I could very well have a baby this month (I'm full term as of September 17!). Whoa.

Last week, my ExpectNet game appeared gone forever (the domain had expired and was redirecting users to a bunch of Internet ads), so I created a new guessing game at Then ExpectNet came back up, so now I guess I have two. Sigh. Feel free to guess on one, the other, or both.

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On that note, my to-do list for this weekend involves packing my hospit…

11 On Her Own

I can barely manage four (well, five) kids with the help of a fully present and supportive husband, so I can't fathom how Kristin manages as well as she does.

Please help her in her goal of going to nursing school so she can support her family!

Financial support is awesome, but I know prayer support and social media sharing are also much appreciated.