7 Quick Takes Friday - February 14, 2014

--- 1 ---

Best Valentine's Day gift ever, courtesy of my husband -- a ticket to The Edel Gathering in Austin, TX this July! I've already booked airfare (found a great deal - less than $300!) and hotel. My good friend Luisa is going too, and we're going to share a room! (Not at the venue - we're being frugal and going with a cheaper hotel.) I'm so excited! Peter will be tagging along, and it will be his first airplane ride plus my first time in TX!

I plan to bring my copy of Pope Awesome so I can get an autograph from Cari, and I need to buy a copy of Sex, Style, and Substance so I can get an autograph from Hallie, and I'm hoping Jen and I can bond over our harrowing tales of scorpion encounters (I want to get her book and autograph, too).

--- 2 ---

Kara and I went to Laugh4Hope last week and it was side-splittingly funny. Fabulous turnout, as well. Next year's event will be April 11, 2015 - save the date!

--- 3 ---

My grandma Violet is here for her annual visit! She arrived late last Saturday evening and goes back to the frozen wasteland of North Dakota on February 28. We love having her here! Peter loves to sit on her lap, and he gurgles and giggles in the most adorable way.

--- 4 ---

Peter finally has his follow-up orthopedic appointment on Thursday. He hasn't seen the orthopedist since he got his brace in December so I'm praying like mad that we'll get a good report. (We were supposed to see him last month, but ended up losing insurance coverage for two weeks due to Collin's job switch and had to reschedule.)

--- 5 ---

Four months old! He has hair, it's just so blond that it doesn't show up on camera very well.

--- 6 ---

Katniss has a new ID tag! We bought it from this site. It was amazingly inexpensive and is very appropriate.

--- 7 ---

Three day weekend, woohoo! I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in an extra day.

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