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The Edel Gathering 2014 - Day 2

On Day Two of the Edel Gathering, nothing was planned until 12:15pm. I LOVED THAT. I loved  not having to get up and go first thing in the morning unless I wanted to.

Luisa and I went to The Taco Shack for breakfast to meet up with some gals I know from a Facebook group -- some were Edel attendees, some weren't. We had yummy breakfast tacos and great conversation.  Taco Shack for the win!
— Heather (@RealCatholicMom) July 26, 2014
Afterwards Luisa and I walked to a convenience store to grab a few items and then headed to the Omni. We were an hour early for registration, so we found a place to charge our phones and relaxed for a bit. During that time, I saw Jen Fulwiler and introduced myself. (Total fangirl moment for me...) 
At registration, Cari had each attendee pull a random saint's medal from a box and put it on ribbon, the objective being to find the other two people with your same medal. The first trio to return to the registr…

The Edel Gathering 2014 - Day 1

I'm jumping on the Edel-recap bandwagon (mostly as a way to avoid the stacks of laundry and dirty kitchen I really need to deal with today). But I'm going to do a three-part post, because otherwise I'm going to be sitting at my computer all. day. long. trying to cram it into one super-long post. So, here's Edel Gathering, Day 1!

I wasn't able to start packing or laundry until I got off of work on Thursday afternoon, so I was up much later than I wanted to be. Finally packed and just heading to bed... alarm goes off in 4.5 hrs. Oh well, #edel14 is worth it!
— JoAnna (@astarofhope) July 25, 2014
We were up at 4:30 in order to get to the airport by 7am (we picked up our friends Michaela and Luisa on the way).  Airport selfie! Flight leaves in about one hour.
— JoAnna (@astarofhope) July 25, 2014
We've boarded! Austin here we come! #edel14
— JoAnna (@astarofhope) July 25, 2014
After an uneventful flight, we arrived in Austin!

The Winner's Guide to NFP!

Did you see the awesome giveaway by Simcha Fisher in honor of NFP Awareness week? Check it out!

And while you're at it, check out her book The Sinner's Guide to NFP. Far and away the best NFP book I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 18, 2014

--- 1 ---
I've been pretty quiet lately, and the reason isn't a great one. Unfortunately, last month Collin lost his job. We had to pull the kids out of daycare and he's been doing the SAHD thing as he searches for a new position. We've slashed our budget to the bone but things are still very tight and our stress levels are high. (Don't get me STARTED on how ridiculous and bureaucratic the process is in this state to try and get [paltry] unemployment benefits and nutrition assistance... grrr.) Prayers are appreciated.

--- 2 ---
However, I AM still going to Edel. Peter and I (along with our friend Luisa, and another friend in the area) are flying out one week from today! I'm so excited. I scored some great deals at Goodwill and Saver's last weekend so I have several pretty new dresses to wear. I even found a pair of crazy shoes ($7 at Saver's!).

--- 3 ---
We went camping at Show Low Lake over the fourth of July weekend. My dad went with us and we had a …

Natural Family Planning is "#Zeropercenteffective" - A Response

Blogger Jerrid Sebesta claims that Natural Family Planning is "zero percent effective" because he and his wife experienced an unplanned pregnancy after six months of use.

How on earth does an unplanned pregnancy after only six months of use mean that the method as a whole is zero percent effective? Any birth control method will fail with user error; it does not mean that the method itself is "zero percent effective." If his wife was on the Pill and forgot to take it one day, and she became pregnant, would he claim that the Pill is "#zeropercenteffective"? I'm guessing not.
Mr. Sebesta doesn't share which NFP method he and his wife were using (the notoriously unreliable calendar method, perhaps?), or if they had any formal training or classes, or how their charting and reading of fertility signs went wrong. He simply warns his male readers, "Guys, if your wife tells you 'I know my body'... don’t believe her."

Also, that line is so in…