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I Have a Seven-Year-Old!

My oldest son turns seven today!

He's gone from a tiny 6lb, 4oz baby (4 weeks early!) to a tall young man who excels in school and loves playing Xbox (as well as classic Nintendo) with his dad. He is sweet, caring, and says he loves God. (Future priest? Let's hope so!)

Happy birthday, William Joseph!

7 Quick Takes Friday - Resources for Lent

Ash Wednesday is in less than a week! I've found cheap and/or free Lenten resources around the Internet recently, and I wanted to share the love.

(Full disclosure - I recently joined the Amazon Affiliates program, so if you buy any of the Amazon resources by clicking on their respective Amazon links below, I get a small percentage of the sale.)

1. 2015 Magnificat Lenten Companion (I bought this one!) - 99 cents on Kindle

2. Lenten Meditations with Fulton J. Sheen - 99 cents on Kindle

3. Living Faith: Lenten Devotions for Catholics: Lent 2015 - 99 cents on Kindle

4. Pope Francis: Living Lent with Passion: Encouragement and Daily Prayers - 99 cents on Kindle

5. The Cross and the Beatitudes by Bp. Fulton Sheen - $3.49 on Kindle

6. Free Printable Calendars:

Family Lenten Practices Calendar

Printable Lenten Calendar from Catholic Icing

7. Meatless meal resources:

My Meatless Meals Pinterest Board

Recipes for Lent from

Lenten Recipes for Your Family from

Recipes for L…

Vaccines Redux

DISCLAIMER: I'm going to be talking about vaccines in this post. A lot. If you are sick of the whole vaccine debate, please feel free to skip this post and instead enjoy this meme in honor of the forthcoming To Kill A Mockingbird sequel (SQUEEEE!):

Now, for those of you who have stuck around...
My latest post at Catholic Stand, Let's Be Reasonable About Vaccines, was well received, but sadly I don't think the people for whom it was meant are taking the message to heart. And some people are accusing both me and Catholic Stand of being "anti-vaccine" or "encouraging people not to vaccinate." They claim to have read the piece but I have to doubt that, given that it says the exact opposite. I even put it in bold and all caps so there would be no doubt whatsoever. Maybe I should have made a cat meme instead? I don't know. At any rate, here are further thoughts of mine for the two or three people who aren't yet sick to death of this topic.
The Moral Qu…